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NAME: The name of this organization shall be “Central PA Wrestling Association” (thereafter referred to as


PURPOSE: The purpose of the CPWA shall be to establish and maintain a program of supervised wrestling for

children. This will be accomplished through the formation of a wrestling league comprised of youth wrestling

programs of schools belonging to the Mid Penn conference of PIAA District Three.

The CPWA shall be a non-profit organization. It will receive and administer funds for the purpose of promoting

youth wrestling in the Central Pennsylvania area.

Contributions and sponsorships shall be received by the CPWA from businesses, organizations or individuals.

The CPWA may collect dues from member programs to offset expenses.

ORGANIZATION: The CPWA shall have the following elected positions:





Elections shall be held yearly. Individuals may serve consecutive terms. The CPWA may form committees to

address various situations as they arise. The committees will present their findings and recommendations to the

members of the association for approval.

The members of the association will vote upon resolutions and amendments. Each members program shall have

one vote. Attaining a simple majority vote will approve resolutions. The president shall decide tie votes. A

quorum of two-thirds of the member programs must be present for a valid vote.

LIABILITY: It shall be the responsibility of the individual member programs to complete and maintain proper

liability waivers of its participants. The CPWA assumes no responsibility or liability for injuries, damages, or

theft at any functions or events.

LEAGUE FORMAT: A dual meet format will be followed. The board members and coaches shall agree to

and determine divisions at the first meeting in October of each year. Each team shall wrestle every team within

their division.

AGE GROUPS: The teams shall consist of children ranging from grades Kindergarten (K) through sixth (6th)

grade who reside in the school district of the individual wrestling program. Any child wrestling outside of the

school district they reside in shall need consent by the board and the coaches by the voting procedures as

declared in the ORGANIZATION section of this document. A wrestler shall be no older than the age of 13 as of

the day of the League Tournament.

WEIGHT CLASSES: There shall be eighteen (18) weight classes as follows:

45 lbs, 48 lbs, 52 lbs, 55 lbs, 59 lbs, 63 lbs, 67 lbs, 71 lbs, 74 lbs,78 lbs,82 lbs, 86 lbs, 90 lbs, 95 lbs, 100 lbs,

110 lbs, 120 lbs, and Heavyweight (max. 150 lbs). *Super Heavyweight (151.1 lbs. To Unlimited) in the CPWA

tournament only, and is a non-counting weight class.

* * * * There will be NO weight allowances for the CPWA League Tournament * * * *

BOUT LENGTHS: (1 - 1 - 1) Three periods of one minute each with a sudden death overtime period, plus

ride out overtime, if needed, of 30 seconds.

RULES: PIAA wrestling guidelines shall be followed.

OFFICIATING: PIAA sanctioned referees will be used when feasible. Otherwise, mutually accepted

alternate, such as a varsity wrestler or coach may be used.

SINGLES: Mandatory

HEADGEAR: Optional, but highly recommended and encouraged.

WEIGH-INS: Weigh-ins will be held approximately one hour before matches to discourage unhealthy and

potentially dangerous weight management tactics. Weight class allowances will be at the discretion and

agreement of the involved coaches. There will be NO weight allowances for the CPWA League Tournament.

LINE-UP: Line-ups must be completed at the completion of weigh-ins. A completed roster shall be presented

to the opposing team and the scoring table personnel. A wrestler must compete in the same weight class as

listed on the team roster. (No tactical “bump-ups”)

SCORING: The scoring table personnel will complete a scorecard. It shall be reviewed and signed by the

respective coaches. A copy of the scorecard shall be forwarded to the CPWA Secretary. The results may be

used for the purpose of seeding of the League Tournament.

LEAGUE TOURNAMENT: A league tournament shall be held yearly, near the end of the wrestling season.

The members of the CPWA shall decide upon the host team. A committee will form and recommend a format

for the tournament to the CPWA members.

TEAM ROSTERS: All team rosters must be sent to the CPWA Secretary, no later than December 15th of the

current wrestling season. The CPWA Secretary shall permit changes to the rosters no later than January 15th of

the current wrestling season.

CANCELLATION OF MATCHES: A team must provide at least 48 hours notice if canceling a league

scheduled match. The CPWA shall fine the team(s) that does not provide the proper notice to the opposing

team(s). This amount to be determined by the CPWA Officers.


Revised October 2009